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Tips to Earn money online at Home

In today’s scenario internet play very important role in our daily life. In nowadays the internet is the back bone of our world. It provides a direction to develop himself. When ever you have a problem, you get a solution and solve your problem through the internet. You know, the internet also help you to make money online at home. Every day you watch so many videos on youtube, facebooks and from many other aspects, in which you like that videos and also share. You know this sharing and likes provide benefits to the owner of this videos. In this way, you can also earn money by using various techniques by using the internet.

To start working from home you just need only two things that are your computer and internet connection. There is some misunderstanding that some people think that it needs a lot of capital and higher and higher degrees, this is absolutely wrong. This work only depends upon your knowledge and your confidence level. You can start your own business with Youtube, Article writing, Photography etc.



Youtube is a video hosting service. It is founded on February 14, 2005. It allows you to upload, view, share, add to favorites and comment on videos. Youtube is the best way to earn money and it is also an easy way. But you should follow some stages that are:

  • CREATE ACCOUNT: the first step to making a money with youtube is to create an account. Once your youtube account is running then the next step is to link to an AdSense account. When you create your AdSense account, you will provide tax reporting information and input payment information.
  • MAKING VIDEOS: the second step is making videos and the videos must be original, not be copied. The quality of the video also affects your earning. So the quality of the video should be HD, which affect the viewers.
  • EDITING: After finish your recording, you edit your video with free Windows Movie Maker or iMovie and a paid program like Adobe Premiere for the more robust feature.
  • UPLOADING: when your video is completed, then upload video to the Youtube servers. you can add your videos individually by clicking on the upload This process takes few second as well as few hours because it depends on the size of your video and your internet connection. When your video is updating you can feel information about it.
  • PROMOTION: Now your video is online so it’s time to share your video on a social network or anywhere else you can online. The main aim of the promotion is more and more viewers helps you to receive more and more money. As long your video is watched,  your youtube income is passive after the video is posted.

the process of earning money with you tube is just dependent upon Advertisers, Creator and Viewers as shown in figure






Article writing is also an easy and effective way to earn money online with the help of Article Writinginternet. You can write for institutions, individual people, for companies etc. Article writing is an art, skill, and habit. Every person can write an article just a cup of tea. Everybody knows how to make tea but some people know that how to make a tasty tea. Like that some peoples know that how to write an attractive article. A normal article can never take you to the next stage but an impressive and attractive article gives you that position which you want.If you want to be an outstanding writer, then make a habit to learn thoroughly articles of other writer and improve your vocabulary. When you talk about reading other articles you should notice the style of writing and start picking new words to improve your vocabulary. So in this way you can earn a lot of money at home.  When ever you start an article you will have sketched out a draft how can you write an article.

  • SELECT TOPIC: The first step is to choose the topic. The topic should be relevant and useful and also decide its boundary.
  • RESEARCH BEFORE WRITING: Before you start the article, you should do deep research on the particular topic. This process helps you to increase your knowledge of that topic and you will be able to write article freely and informative.
  • WRITE ARTICLE: After researching and getting the full knowledge you can write your article effectively with full concentrate.
  • READ, REVISE AND REPEAT: read, revise and repeat is the most important step. by using this step you can check your article. If there is any problem you can correct it. At last, you can post it.

Everyones wants to be successful in his life. so online working is a very good option to those people who want to work in normal and easy lifestyle. It is one of the most popular sources to earn a great income. This online earn money is very beneficial. It is clear by the following points.

  • The time period is very flexible in this process. Whenever you want to work, you just open your laptop and start working. In it, you need not follow “ being punctual” because this word is very important when you are on a job.

There are huge options in this field. Whatever you want you can do. If you are good in writing then you try your luck to create an e-book and sell it online.

make money online

  • If you are working in an office your salary would be fixed but if you are working from home, you can earn as much as.
  • When you work from home you need not any dress code. What you want you can wear without any restriction.
  • Working from home can also provide a suitable environment. You need not sit in one place and work continuously. You can exchange your seat where you feel comfortable and relax.

At last not least if you have no job then you can do work from home with the help of laptop, computer and internet connection.

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