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How Can We Manage Digital Online Reputation

Whenever you start a new business usually faces a lot of problems and It consumes a good amount of time to establish and grow. You try your best to satisfy the expectations of your client’s by providing them best of the best services. But there may be exceptions. With the rise of the internet, 90% of the businesses are now online and online exceptions on search results such as a bad review on G plus, Yelp review, the ripoff report can harm the brand’s online reputation.

How Online Reputation Harms?

Online reputation of a brand can harms when the negative review, the bad comment shows up in search with the brand name on the search page of search engines i.e. on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This can destroy the reputation of the firm/brand.

Now, what is online reputation?

Online reputation management is a strategy/process and by using this you can improve, restore and manage your brand in the best position in search results. It specifically manages the online reputation of a brand, site, place, person, thing, etc. Online reputation management is a complex process but necessary to avoid any types of online risk.

Online Reputation Managemet

Steps to manage Online Reputation:

  • Increase the company reputation: The first step to increase the company reputation is by adding/updating your site with quality and meaningful content. Make sure that your information should be relevant and the client finds it valuable. Keeping adding the content through a blog post, Build an audience on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Finding out what people are saying: Online Reputation management actually depends upon that how many people believe in you. In other words, what is being said about you? So it is your responsibility to create a positive relationship with your audience. It depends on you how can you manage your reputation. How your audience feels connected with you and feels the need to defend you. 
  • Business review and past customers: Ask your old customer's to leave a review for your business and new customers can also be promoted to leave the reviews by some discount offers. And these business reviews give you a chance to develop a healthy relationship with your past customers and your new customers.
  • Remove negative links: Try to remove the negative links from the search result that appears with your brand name. In this case, you can also opt for hiring professional Online reputation management experts. 
  • Bad comments: Try to avoid giving any type of statement/comment which worse your image. You just follow useful, interesting and best blogs and online sites for your company or individual, and add your online presence there. 
  • Special SEO strategies: SEO strategies can be used to push down the negative reviews. Some professionals offer these services with black hat SEO.


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